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Professional Treatment

Audrey LeMasters MSW, LCSW, Ph. D, uses her diverse background of academic and clinical experiences to treat patients in the Peoria area. Audrey offers multiple therapy options designed to fit the unique challenges her patients face. When you reach out to Audrey for help, she will meet with you and determine the best strategy to help you manage your mental health issues. Approaches include Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Group Therapy, and Mindfulness. While each approach is different, the goal is shared: to reduce the intrusiveness of your mental health issues and provide you with strategies for improving your outlook and quality of life.

Finding the right strategy for you is of utmost importance. Managing mental health issues is a process and one that requires a sound strategy, personalized for you. Audrey has years of experience implementing these strategies for patients like you. She will uncover the therapy that is right for your unique struggles and show you how to use the techniques within the chosen therapy style to help you. You can rest assured that Audrey has the experience and compassion to help you manage your mental health issues.

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Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy encourages the acceptance of feelings surrounding a behavior. Once those feelings are acknowledged and accepted, it can be easier to change unwanted or intrusive behaviors. By redirecting the energy expended pushing back against feelings, behavior modification becomes more feasible.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Many mood and anxiety disorders are predicated on unwanted and irrational thoughts. Those thoughts then inform interruptive behaviors. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy challenges irrational thoughts directly and strips them of the power they hold. After demonstrating the irrationality of unwanted thoughts through targeted exercises, anxiety can be diffused.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy focuses on the psychosocial. Intended for those who struggle with extreme emotional swings and reactions, DBT provides strategies for dealing with otherwise unchecked emotions. Those who experience spiked levels of anger or sadness or panic can benefit from techniques for managing those reactions.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy is an effective method of providing relief for those experiencing mental health issues who are more comfortable operating in a group setting. Being able to heal alongside others and share techniques and experiences can be a powerful agent for promoting mental health. Group Therapy can be successful in treating all kinds of mental health issues.


Mindfulness refers to the therapeutic technique of being in, and fully aware of, the present moment. In a world full of distractions and scattered thoughts, Mindfulness provides relief by encouraging people to center their focus on the moment they are in – their physical surroundings, the task in front of them, their body, and more.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)

EMDR is a psychotherapy that enables people to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that result from disturbing life experiences. Much as the physical body recovers from injury, EMDR therapy shows that the mind can heal from psychological trauma. EMDR therapy helps clients activate their natural healing processes.